Among other home improvement projects, upgrading garage doors ranks second. Remodeling Magazine’s 2020 Cost vs. Value Report shows that garage door repair investment led to recouping 94% of costs being recouped. A homeowner may choose to replace their garage door for other reasons besides simply improving their home’s curb appeal and increasing its sale price. For instance, some individuals are looking for improved security and lower energy bills through a newer model.

Regardless of the reasons you may be considering a garage door replacement, this article lists some factors to consider when selecting the best garage door. We also look at in greater detail how much you can expect to pay for an upgraded door and its benefits.

How Long Does a Garage Door Typically Last?

A properly maintained and regularly inspected garage door can last for decades. We suggest doing a visual inspection at least once a year.

Among the other factors affecting doors’ lifespans are:

  • Materials: Cheaper garage door materials will break down sooner; also consider how certain materials react in your climate.
  • Inspection: An annual garage door maintenance inspection will help identify any issues before they require a replacement.
  • Proper Maintenance:  Regularly lubricate your door’s moving parts and clean it with mild detergent to keep it free of debris.
  • Amount of Use: When a door is used frequently, its components are subjected to wear and tear.

Signs You Should Consider Replacing Your Garage Door

The following signs indicate it is time for a replacement:

Wear and Tear on the Door or Its Moving Parts

If debris is not removed from the internal and external parts, they may become damaged over time. After years of exposure to the weather, the exterior of a garage door may become discolored and warped. Moisture and temperature changes can cause a door’s springs and opener to stop working overtime.

The Door is Not Opening or Closing Properly

A malfunctioning opener or misaligned sensors may cause the door to be unable to open or close without manual assistance.

Safety Issues Appear

The internal technology (openers, remotes), poor locks, and failing garage door sensors all present safety concerns.

Your Energy Bills are Increasing

An older garage door has poor seals and deteriorating insulation, which causes your HVAC system to work harder than necessary.

What is the cost of garage door replacement?

The cost of replacing a garage door can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on several factors. Some of these include:

Desired Material

Materials such as fiberglass and custom-crafted wood can increase the cost of replacing your door. Consider a more affordable option, such as steel or simple wood doors, if your budget is low.


Your garage door costs, and labor costs may vary depending on your geographic area and cost of living.

Size of Space

Garage doors that are larger will cost more to replace; use this handy guide to measure properly.

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