Common Problems with Garage Doors

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for garage door problems in Battle Ground WA, as the factors can vary. We collected a few common problems, and we will try to address each one. Give us a call if you’re unsure about the same-day garage door service in Battle Ground WA.

The coil spring in my garage is broken. What should I do?

A garage door coil spring is under a lot of tension, and if it breaks, it can be dangerous. When the coil spring on your garage door breaks, you should not use the door and contact us right away. Garage Door Repair Battle Ground WA offers coil spring repair services of the highest quality. When it comes to garage door installation, garage door replacement, and garage door repair, we are the first choice of customer

What are the signs that my garage door needs to be repaired or replaced?

In order to answer this question, it is best to examine the door. Whether the door is a risky repair or if repairing it will cost more than replacing it. Garage Door Repair Battle Ground WA can handle all your garage door needs. Whether you are looking for garage door service or a new garage installation, we can handle it all.

Why does my garage door not close completely?

It’s not obvious what’s wrong with your safety sensors. When the garage door is in good condition, the safety sensors alert the opener. It informs you whether or not the door is open and if it is safe to close it. The door may not be able to close completely if there is an obstruction in its path. It is possible that the sensor is broken, has a cut or dirty lens, or has been tampered with in any way that interferes with its performance 

Your safety depends on the safety sensors on every automated garage door in Battle Ground WA. Although garage door safety sensors cause many problems, they are required by law and can save lives. Avoid removing or operating the door remotely without the safety sensors.

How do I maintain my garage door?

You should perform garage door maintenance twice a year. It will improve the door’s movement, preserve its parts, and ensure its functionality. Maintenance also allows garage door technicians to inspect the door. In addition to ensuring that the device is safe to use, they will check it for any damage. If you think your garage door is not working properly, call Garage Door Repair Battle Ground WA right away. The experts at our company are familiar with garage doors and can assist you with your garage door needs.

What causes my garage door to make noise?

Several factors can contribute to a noisy garage door. Unless you’ve lubricated the door recently, there might be a problem with the mechanism. Initially, lubricate the door and see if it makes a difference. If the problem persists, consult an expert.

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